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Prepare for a power outage

As a critical actor for the security of supply, water supply services are aimed at keeping outside the so-called areal power outages. Even so, avoid using water half an hour before the power outage begins and during the outage, so that sewage water flows don't load down the wastewater pumping stations too much.   

Preparation is an essential part of the water supply service operations. We maintain a high level of preparedness to react quickly on different threats that may rise against the operations. At the water works and at the clean water pumping stations there is backup power available, therefore the water distribution functions during power outages, though variations in water pressure may occur.

In the Vaasa area there is roughly 130 wastewater pumping stations that don't have access to backup power. During the areal power outages, the wastewater pumping stations in the area will stop functioning. To avoid wastewater ending up in the basements of properties, in waterways and in the terrain, we ask to avoid water use during the power outages, such as showering, bathing, washing dishes and clothes and flushing the toilet. If the property has its own sewage pump, water use during the outage may cause the sewer to overflow.


Remember this during power outages and when you are saving electricity:

  • Avoid using water half an hour before the power outage begins and during the outage
  • Make sure the temperature in the water meter space does not sink below zero °C and allow for the water meter to freeze. Properly isolate water and sewer pipes, the water meter as well as doors and windows in the water meter space. Cover any ventilation hatches.


Check your own level of preparedness also when it comes to water:


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