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Vaasa waterworks was established in 1915. It became a public utility company in 1992 and the name was changed to Vaasa Water in 2003. The raw water in Vaasa is surface water from Kyrönjoki river. Vaasa Water delivers household water to parts of Mustasaari municipality and we receive sewage water for cleaning from Mustasaari and Maalahti. In total we serve over 70 000 inhabitants.

Key numbers 2023

  • 5,14 mil. m³ of clean water was pumped into the network, an average of 14 093 m³/d. 20,68 % of the cleaned water was unbilled extinguishing, leakage, maintenance & rinsing water.
  • 6,53 mil. m³ of sewage water was purified, an average of 17 890 m³/d. 29,76 % of the sewage water was unbilled rain and melting water.
  • 99,5 % of households are joined to the water network and 93,1 % to the sewer network.
  • The combined lenght of our water and sewer networks is 1 597 km. If joined together to form one long pipe, it would stretch all the way from Vaasa to Amsterdam!

The current price of water is 1,84 € / m³ and sewage water 2,80 € / m³, including tax.

Customer services

Please contact our customer services regarding:

  • changing invoicing address or ownership
  • reporting water meter reading or prognosis
  • connecting to our water or sewer networks
  • other invoicing issues
  • any other questions you may have regarding our water supply services.



(06) 325 1111


Visit us

Vaasa Water Offices

Valimontie 2 B, 65100 Vaasa


open mon - fri  8.00 - 15.30



Report faults

during working hours: 06 325 4187

outside working hours: 040 725 7900

Sms alerts service

Vaasa Water has taken an sms alerts service into use. The service will be used for sending disruption alerts and in our customer services. 

Disruption alerts are automatically sent to residents in Vaasa over the age of 16, whose telephone numbers and addresses are public. If you don’t have a public telephone number, but you wish to receive messages, you may register for the service. You can register more than one address, such as the address of your workplace, summer cottage or a close relative.  

Find out more about the sms alerts service >>

The daily average water consumption in residential buildings in Vaasa is 115 l / person.

Organisation & service areas

Vaasa Water is a public utility company with a board of directors.

The Managing director is Pekka Rouhiainen.

Our service areas are located in different parts of the city.

  • Water purification
  • Technical services
    - Networks
    - Connection services
  • Wastewater treatment

As a support service also Vaasa Water Secretary Services.



Remember to take care of your sewer's health.

Things that don't belong in the toilet can cause blockages and leaks!

Your water fee buys you more than just clean tap water. Water utility companies work hard daily for the environment by cleaning your sewage water. The harder you make the cleaning process, the more expensive it will become.


Look here for more information on how to treat the sewer with respect >>

Our regional waste management company Stormossen can help you out with recycling your garbage >>



Download infosheet (pdf) in english here.


Deep ground water from Kurikka

Finding freshwater sources in costal areas has always been challenging. Vaasa takes it's water from Kyrönjoki river, but due to the frequent changes in water quality, the process of cleaning the water is both difficult and costly. 

To provide a growing city with clean tap water in the future, Vaasa Water has begun looking for new freshwater sources. One such source, which shows promise, can be found 70 km:s away, near the town of Kurikka.

When drilling for ground water in Kurikka, geologists discovered massive renewing water reserves deep down, in what today is estimated to be some of the oldest valley structures in the whole world. Brittish geologists have taken interest in the project and helped create a water monitoring system.

Below is a video made by BBC World Services that explains it all.


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